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About Me

Hello my name is Giovanni ( John ) Corvinus,I mainly just go by Corvinus .

I opened an MM account to accomplish some smaller goals in the short term. And of course some more grandiose ones in the long term. In the future I would like to become a fashion photographer for a magazine. My short term goal is to finish my 2 portfolios. The first one for fashion,glamour,swimsuit,and head shots. The other I am working on is the purpose of art. Therefor I dont have a bottom line that ends in $ signs my bottom line is for art and beauty. Finally when this is done I would like to open a Main Street Studio.

So obviously I am very open for TFCD. Here are a few of the categories I am looking to fill now .

I am also open to any ideas for shoots as well. Most of the people I have worked with it was more of a collaboration . I am as comfortable taking direction as giving it. more over I want everyone to walk away with something they want and or need. So please be open,honest,and feel free to ask for what ever you want.

What I am currently working on for summer 2012.

I am shooting 2 promos for some musicians albums
The first has a Gothic/Victorian theme with mermaids.....WE WILL NEED BODIES FOR THIS . (if you have interest contact me via my facebook)
The second is going to be an industrial type of shoot

The other project is still frame silhouette silent film slide show with music

I am also working on some Sapphic and sensual art sets as well.
Finally I am trying to help some friends brake into modeling . So I have a couple of shoots booked already for July and August .

LAST BUT NOT LEAST My background

As I said earlier I am an artist first and foremost. So that is where I started as a Sci-Fi writer. From there I began writing poetry in 2008 and attending an open mic . In 2009 things exploded for me,I began hosting and putting together concerts with poetry,comedy,and music. From that point on I picked up my first camera to capture these events and fell in love with it as a new medium for me .
To date I have worked with about 15 models mainly friends from the open mic and poetry scene . I have done about 30 shoots and taken about 20,000 photos since October of last year. For the moment most of my work is on facebook since that is where I primarily network from . For a speedy response to any query please contact me there . Or you could meet me at the Roast Coffee Tea and trading company on the first Saturday of every month .