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About Me

Welcome to my page! First a little about me: I'm good...not the best, but I'm better than most. If you want to get together and create some awesome images... I'm your man. I'm serious, I'm focussed and I'm ready to tackle whatever idea you may have in mind! I am excited to serve you however here are a few of my "guidelines" (I don't like saying rules, because I believe that sometimes you have to make your own way!!!):

1. TFCD??? Hmmm, I like collaboration better than TFCD/TFP. Now, I can do that typical TF* type of arrangement, but honestly the more WE put into it TOGETHER the more WE get out of it, so if we do a TF type of a project, any cost need to be taken care of... I'm not paying you to put your port together... (I just don't roll like that)

2. Pay assignments, my rates are very (sometimes too) reasonable... But, don't think good looks are going to pay my bills, because they don't (booty doesn't pay me cash either, so don't bank on being able to do that)

3. No extras on the set, unless they are a productive or necessary part of us working together (I don't mind escorts, but your friend being a distraction or kids running around on my set is NOT gonna happen!)

4. Don't limit your/our imagination...

5. DON'T BE SHY!!! Now I'm not referring to you removing articles of clothing, but if you want to do something...SAY IT or JUST DO IT!! I take instruction/constructive criticism well! Remember we are working together to put together something great!

That's all... I hope you enjoy your stay at my little corner of MM and remember...
"My photography is the safest way to be shot...I guarantee it!!"

Tyrone ThePhotog Turner
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