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cendawanphotos my name, my name is clark.
I dabbled in the world of photography more than 3 years from 2008, first using domesticated berjinak-my camera I took it I got an offer to direct the wedding ceremony I bought the camera itself, would not people have always wanted to wear. so from there I proceed in this area more frequently.

What do I do?
all kinds of deals that I do. such as weddings, ceremonies kin, studio, models, etc. that can make me satisfied with what I do and I do not for get the name, or profit, but to deliver the best for my customers satisfied. service to my studio can also be served in a customer wants.

and I make a pound of advertising services in the form of bunting, banners, posters, invitation cards, business cards and sebagainye .. but I have a service jugak pasting stickers on billboards, in bus body, etc.

within me there is no word to me is the best but I still want to learn more of what I learned today, sometimes there are people who say this I want to show off what I already do, but I just want to share with my work produced.

one in which new berjinak-tame with cameras not arrogant to learn from the ground and soak up what camera you use can do.

on anyone who wants to be is on my service in the inbox

so ...