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I am a Self-Motivated, Hard working individual that will do whatever It takes to come out on TOP! I am GOING to pursue my dream of being a SUCCESSFUL Plus Size Model. In life I have been thrown ALOT of challenges and I have made it through them ALL. I am kind of new to the modeling, but I have had some experience. I am looking to soak up all the knowledge I can In order to be the GREATEST. Sometimes Plus Size Modeling Is over-shadowed but I feel that If you can own It and make it yours, who Is to tell you u CANT? I want better for myself and my family! I am NOT easily discouraged so I will NEVER stop! Im trying to find my way to SUCCESS, I know it will take sometime, but I am Ready! Modeling Is something I love doing, I have fun doing it! This Is It! I want it and I am going to TAKE IT! The best way to reach me is by Email (, Phone, or Twitter (MISZWADE07)

Also more of my motivation comes from my father, He was a Heavy Weight Champion of the world and he passed April 27th 2009, It was the worse day of my life! I leaves behind his legecy, He strived for the best, and NEVER settled for less than what he Is worth. I am here to do just that, I want to live like as he did! I am going to work hard like he did, If you love it you will NEVER give up on it!