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Im a Rapper, producer, engineer, Dj andlast but not least an up and coming fashion model!
I've just reall started modeling..but I'm really looking forward to taking my career ALOT further!Also I am looking for more photographers as well!I only have one right now but you always need alternates!
I've been ding music basically my whole life!I produce rap/R&B/pop/neo-soul/orchestra/hip-hop and currently with production teams such as "Team Xclusive" and "The BeatMechaniks".
I attended Columbia College Chicago fora few semesters..I had to discontinue my education due to financial issues, but I have pursueing my career as an ARTIST with the time I have. Im looking to become successful in any and all of my talents listed above!If there is anybody out there that can help assist me in making my dreams come true, it would be HIGHLY appreciated!Thank You!!