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About Me

I am Jady Cruz.
5'6 height

Nobody's PERFECT; therefore I AM NOBODY!

The more you know, the less you know.I make weird faces at myself in the mirror. I live by the heart. I'll make you think I'm most weak where I'm most strong. There when you need me, there when you don't.

I am someone who accepts defeat, and someone who affords to laugh and smile despite of it all. I'm sensible and most senseless whenever i'd like to. I'd rather be surrounded by few insensitive individual than thousand dozen of 'em...but are'nt real and true. Pessimism is not my thing. Half crazy but NEVER tolerated STUPIDITY unless I'm inlove. I hate goodbyes. I give comments,but never judgments. I forgive easily,but yes,not forget. ♥