About Me

Hey there, I'm J Cuff. and I produce bondage/damsel in distress photos and videos shoots for my sites, J Cuff Productions. I have been a Bondage/Damsel in Distress Photographer/Videographer/Producer since August of 2010. I enjoy building my bondage empire one shoot at a time and have worked with over 100 models. I have been producing more video work than photo work. My primary goal is to be the best bondage Photographer/Producer around as I have the honor & privilege of providing high quality content to bondage/damsel in distress fans around the world. It is my duty and job to provide every prospective model, fan and customer a positive and memorable experience when coming in contact with anything related to myself or my work.

A little bit about myself.. 33 years old, enjoy the gym, sports, relaxing, traveling, reading, studying and WORKING. I work 21-22 hours per day and take my work extremely serious as I continue to build my bondage/damsel-in-distress empire. I have always been a fan of "damsel-in-distress" scenes in TV shows and movies. I've always thought they were interesting and different. On a path to not only be the #1 Damsel-in-Distress/Bondage Producer/Photographer in the North Florida area, but the #1 in Florida and so on.

Now let's talk business...

If interested in becoming a bondage/damsel in distress model for my J Cuff Productions sites, please read through the following information, check out my portfolio and be sure to complete the Model Application (address is below). Links to my bondage sites will be on the application. FIRST timers & models who are NOT on any bondage sites/portfolios/clip stores are strongly preferred and will receive first consideration! I only offer paid work, yes, this means I pay you (you will get paid very well too!). Occasionally I will browse through MM profiles and if you have a "look" I want, I may also message or email you with an invitation to apply for a paid bondage/damsel in distress shoot. So you may contact me or I may contact you.

I am located in the Jacksonville, FL area and have had the honor of working with over 90 models. I am very experienced and pride myself on having a shoot that is focused around professionalism, safety and respect while also giving my customers the best quality bondage content around. I break up my time between Jacksonville, FL and Fernandina Beach, FL.

While I am based out of Jacksonville, FL, I do travel frequently to other cities in Florida and all around the Southeast sometimes. If you are NOT from the Jacksonville, FL area, be on the look out for casting calls, job ads, etc. You may also message me or email me to find out when I will be in that area again. Females that wish to do a bondage/damsel in distress shoot that live out of town will have travel expenses (fuel, food) reimbursed. Travel reimbursement options will be discussed during the phone interview.
***If I am traveling to different areas, I may also email or message you with an invitation to apply for a paid bondage/damsel in distress shoot. ***

I am always seeking new females that are interested in doing paid bondage/damsel in distress shoots for my sites so if you are interested in trying something new and making good money at it, feel free to fill out an application or email me.

The following is just a baseline overview and this information may change to accommodate shoot needs, customer requests, etc. If selected for a paid bondage shoot, you will be emailed a written shoot offer with all of the confirmed details such as pay, date, time, location, what to bring, etc.

I pride myself on having a very strict NO NUDITY/NO SEXUAL CONTACT policy. This means NO nudity and NO sexual contact will take place on or off camera at any time and you will never be asked to do nudity or anything sexual. Any Model, Assistant or anyone else at the shoot who violates this policy will be sent home without pay. Models must be comfortable wearing a bikini/swimsuit, bra/underwear, dress, regular everyday clothes, tank top, etc though.

***Minimum Requirements: You must be female, 18 years of age or older, no experience necessary, must be OK with doing a bondage photos and videos shoot and must be OK with the pictures/videos going on my 2 bondage sites. You must be reliable, have a good attitude, strong work ethic, be able to show up on time and be able to follow all instructions/directions given during the course of the bondage shoots. All females must complete a hiring process which includes completing an application and a phone interview.

*SHOOT TYPE: Bondage/Damsel in distress photos and videos shoots. Females selected for a shoot will need to maintain a look of fear, nervousness, terror, and helplessness during the photo and video clips to achieve the damsel in distress look. Females selected for a shoot will receive full direction and thorough instruction on how to look, how to move, how to sound, etc.

***SHOOT DETAILS: All models MUST be OK with being hand cuffed, duct taped, zip tied, etc in various positions. All models MUST be OK with being mouth gagged (with a bandana, duct tape, ball gag, bit gag, etc) during the course of the shoot. Being restrained and mouth gagged is a strict requirement. Models will complete bondage photo sets first followed by several bondage video clips which will range 5 to 10 minutes in length typically. Females will be asked to complete between 5 to 15 short video clips. All shoots are acting based and the model is expected to look scared, afraid, anxious, frustrated, etc to achieve the Damsel in Distress look. Acting experience is NOT required.
All models are treated with professionalism and respect. Model safety is the #1 priority during ALL bondage shoots. I study and stay up to date on all things related to bondage shoot safety. All shoots are considered professional working environments as you are here to work and to do a bondage shoot. Please maintain a professional but fun/outgoing attitude.

***Shoot Locations: Shoots will be conducted in the south side area of Jacksonville, FL. Make sure you have reliable transportation to get to this area. Shoots will be conducted a private and gated upscale 2 bedroom, 2 bath condo on the south side of Jacksonville, FL for now. All rooms will be utilized to satisfy customer requests. Customers prefer and request the home/condo/apartment type background during damsel in distress shoots. This is the type of background that will sell the best. Shoot location is safe and secure with a professional set up. Those selected for a shoot will receive the address of the shoot location BEFORE the actual shoot. I also own a beach condo in Fernandina Beach but that location is not used for shooting.

***Details: There is NO nudity, NO sexual contact and NO pain involved. All shoots are acting based, fun, safe and may turn into part time steady work if everything goes good. You may bring someone with you, if you want to. You can also use a fake name for the sites. All models will be treated with respect and professionalism. ALL body types and races will be considered as long as you are 18 years of age or older. Experience is NOT necessary. I offer an excellent working environment, great pay and an opportunity for steady shoots

***Hiring Process: Hiring process includes completing an application and in-person meeting for Jacksonville, FL area applicants. Out of town applicants must complete an application and a phone interview. To speed up the process, applicants that live in the Jacksonville area will not be required to complete a phone interview.

***Pay rates/shoot lengths: *Effective January 2018, the pay rates have changed.
As stated, all females will be paid in cash immediately after completing the bondage/damsel in distress photos and videos shoot. Pay rate for the first shoot is $75 per hour cash. Please read over the following updated pay rates (keep in mind these are the set rates and are NOT negotiable unless otherwise stated or a different pay rate was advertised or discussed. Please refer back to the job ad or casting call for exact pay rate. Some females with a certain look, acting experience or personality may be eligible for the rate of $100 to $200 per hour on their first shoot. You will receive your exact pay rate in writing before the shoot):
*All models will be paid at the rate of $75 per hour if this is your first time shooting for my sites unless stated otherwise.
*2 and a half hour shoots $150 cash
*3 and a half hour shoot: $225 cash
*4 and a half hour shoot: $300 cash
**Some Females with a certain look or personality may receive $100 per hour cash on their first shoot.
The pay rate for 8 hour to 10 hour full day shoots will be $1,000 to $2,000 cash.
*Travel will be paid for those coming from a considerable distance from Jacksonville ($20 to $50 for food and fuel only, but could be more). Travel pay will be discussed during the phone interview. Those that live in Jacksonville or the immediate surrounding area will not be paid for travel.
*There are upcoming 6 hour ($600 cash) and 10 to 12 hour shoots ($1,000 to $2,000 cash) available. Females will be considered for half-day and full-day shoots after completing several regular bondage/damsel in distress shoots.

*Females that complete their 1st shoot and are invited back will receive increasing pay rates, which are as follows:
Please read over the following pay rate increase structure (as of January 2018):
Females that successfully complete their first bondage/damsel in distress shoot may come back to shoot additional shoots, if everything goes well. Females are eligible for increasing pay rates after their 3rd shoot. The pay increases per shoot are listed below:
1st shoot: $75 per hour cash
2nd shoot: $75 per hour cash
3rd shoot: $75 per hour cash
4th shoot: $100 per hour cash
5th shoot: $100 per hour cash
6th shoot and on: $200 per hour cash

If interested in a paid bondage/damsel in distress photos and videos shoot for my sites, please go to the link below to complete a Model Application. Completing an application is very easy. All applications are on a secure server, will remain strictly confidential and can only be viewed by me (J Cuff). Models must follow the instructions listed on the first page of the application before being considered. Be sure you complete an application to receive prompt consideration.
**Links to my 2 bondage sites will be on the application. After completing an application, if selected to continue, you will be contacted for a phone interview.
*There are different Model Applications for different areas. The Jax, FL area model application will be different than the Model Application for Orlando or Daytona Beach and other area shoots. Always refer back to the job ad/casting call for exact application link or email/message me for it.

*****MODEL APPLICATION LINK (Jacksonville, FL area shoots):


**CONTACT information:***
If you have any further questions or concerns, you may message me on here, email me at the following email addresses or text/call me.
modelsjcuff@gmail.com - General modeling questions, concerns, etc
jcuffmodelsfl@gmail.com - General modeling questions, concerns, etc
jcuffmodelapps@gmail.com - Application questions, inquiries, confirmations or concerns etc
Text message/call: (904)-557-6589 - If you need immediate assistance with a question or concern this is my business number. Please only text/call between the hours of 6am and 11pm. Do NOT call or text me to apply for a bondage shoot, please complete the model application. Please ONLY text me with business related questions or concerns. Please do not text or call me to casually chat.
*I am usually really fast at responding to emails, messages and text messages as everything goes to my phone so you should get a reply fairly fast.

TWITTER: https://www.twitter.com/jcuff10
INSTAGRAM: www.instagram.com/j_cuff_productions

*All models are paid willing participants who undergo a strict hiring process prior to being selected for a shoot.
*All models were 18 years of age or older when shooting took place. There is NO nudity and NO sexual contact involved.
*All shoots are purely acting and entertainment based for bondage fans. All models are playing a "damsel in distress" role and were not harmed in any way.
*ALL pictures, media and video clips on this portfolio and my stores are copyrighted and owned by J CUFF Productions and may not be re-used, re-edited, re-published or re-distributed without the expressed written consent of J Cuff Productions.



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