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I am a movie maker,director,producer,writer,poet,promoter and photographer. I love traveling and meeting new people with open mind. I am a professional in these areas, I have been doing this for almost 15 years. I shoot album covers, book covers, weddings,models,nudes,family portraits,landscapes,real estates,head shots.Any locations. National and international. I travel to Canada, Africa, Jamaica, Haiti, Dominica Republic and Mexico.


Why me Daddy(African movie,action)2008 Writer, Director.

Let's get it on punk(African movie,action)2009 Writer,Director.

Let's go dancing(African movie,Drama)2010 Director,Producer.

I have you(African movie,Romance)2011 Writer,Director,Producer.

That's all you got(African movie,action)2012.Writer, Director,Producer.

Nissan commercial special.Director in New York City(2010)Director.

Every Body goes< music video>NY,NY (2009)Director.

Break knockNY,NY(2008)Director.


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Sizzling hot port!
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