About Me

Thank you for taking the time to read my profile and view my portfolio.

I have no predetermined genre or style in mind and will consider nearly any type of project or concept. Generally speaking, if you have an interesting idea or a strong and unique look, I want to work with you. As I'm always looking to expand my repertoire, don't assume that what you see in my port now is all that I'm interested in shooting - if you have an idea, please contact me.

+---- RATES:
I am more than happy to work on a TF* basis for most projects. However, please keep in mind that if unreasonable expenses or time commitments are required to bring things to fruition, we should probably discuss how we handle that beforehand.

I don't have a studio, but do have access to one, so if your project requires this, I'm more than happy to make arrangements.

I've been interested in photography for almost 20 years and have been involved in it off and on during that time. I started with black and white film, developing and printing on my own; since then I have moved to digital media.

While I've historically spent a lot of time shooting landscapes and ladybugs and other quirky things, I'm looking to change from taking a picture to making a picture. That's where you come in :)

I'm here to meet other creative individuals, gain experience and have some fun - but I do put a lot of emphasis on producing a quality result.


MBrandt MM#713869
Dane Halo MM#1393247
Red Widow MM#1869097
Solacium MM#1602523


12 Sep 14 11:45
Stunning port!
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