About Me

About Me
If you are Seeking a PROFESSIONAL MAKEUP ARTIST who is not only SUPER TALENTED but extremely friendly and reliable,you have come to the right place.

My History
I started as a Makeup Artist in New York's Garment District back in the early 80's and have been in this industry for over 25 years, 10 in New York and 15 in Arizona and have built a solid reputation not just by the quality of my work, but by the commitment I give to those I work with.

I have been a Professional Makeup Artist for many years and it shows in my work. I am very easy to work with and I dont make waves, I make connections and succesful business relationships. I frown upon those who are arrogant and will
tell you exactly what I think of you to you. Respect is key to a long, healthy career no matter WHO you are.

I love doing glamour makeup and am not scared by *risque* projects. ( I have seen it all and if I havent, BRING IT ON )
Actors & Actresses, need to update your headshots?
Let me help you, I would love it.

I like to keep my portfolio varied and over the top is fine but I am a realist, so most of my work is of a more commercial type.

I have done and will do bodypainting, preferably latex, for special projects that are unique and different only.

A few words from the heart
I am a Breast Cancer survivor, lost my mom to this terrible disease as well and a true fighter in every sense of the word. My belief is that we all need to live our lives to the fullest and I DO NOT surround myself with negativity or people with bad attitudes .... EVER !

----///-----Put This In Memory Of:
---|||---|||---On Your Mom - Breast Cancer
---|||---|||---account If Dad - Luekemia
---|||---|||---You Know Grandmother - Breast Cancer
-----///-----Who Died

On Trade For Print
Of course I prefer to get paid for my work BUT will consider "TFP" for the right project. I can also be bribed with Chinese food...



Need references? Just ask :-)
All my references are recent and verifiable
Below are some of the fantastic photographers,Makeup Artists and agents I have had the pleasure of working with.

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John Emerson Photography
Clothespin Productions
F2 Photography
Christopher Lake
Sherwin Karimi
Indigo Dream Images
Fred Haider
Miguel Volch
John Buono
Lila Laplante
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John T Keehn
Kevin Leong
Left Brain Imaging
Sacred Skin Studios
Studio S
Two Eyes Photography
Andrew Rodriquez
Bill Christ
Phoenix Images
RJ Anderson
Blair Friederich
Total Eclipse Studios
Tom Dory
Tony Graber
John Douglas
Angels of Color
Makeup by Brighton
Erin Graham
DJH Photo
Art Edwards
Educated Savage
Michael Monz
Paul Mathews
Michael Maness
John Nemeth
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Dan David
Matthew McVay
Chuck Seller
Joel Gilgoff
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Michael West
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Martin J. Photography
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Michael Alberti - Images by Michael
Rochelle K Boutique- TV Commercial
*TONIGHT* The Music Video with THE ASPHALT
CYBER-SCANS FILMS - Randolph Scott Producer,
Los Angeles CA
NU-EAR HEARING AIDS (Brochure) Connecticut
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Seth Rubin - Manhattan, NY
Alan Williams - L.A.