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About Me

Doing very limited TF-. I will make exceptions for models who have a compelling and or intriguing idea.

Current Schedule:

Currently shooting a series that's Sexy and/or Sophisticated, with Long Black Formal Gloves as the link between images.

About Me;
Still trying to define my own style.

The variety of models that I shoot with tend to make this a moving target. I enjoy having models bring their own creativity to the shoot, thus frequently we get pleasant surprises and frequently excellent images that are not in the original plan.

Started by hiring a professional model to enhance the photos of a plane that I was selling. It worked out successfully. BTW, Marianne is AWESOME, if you can Book time with her.

I enjoyed the experience so much that since then I have continued to build a portfolio of Beautiful women. Some with planes or cars.

I have also helped new models by providing some photos that are out of the ordinary studio environment.

In an ideal photographer - model relationship, one inspires the other.

I believe tfcd can be a unique opportunity to experiment with ideas. Equally, it is a unique opportunity for a model to realize her own creative ideas.

MODELS: Escorts are always welcome to my shoots. I encourage this, especially on a first shoot.

I have a small studio and getting much better with the studio lighting. It's not as simple as it seems.

Sometimes we shoot in my hangar at the local airport. Just improved the lighting there and will be shooting in the hangar as well as studio, when weather permits. ( No Heat or A/C)

Contact info:

I am on OMP, #8182 and have many references.

Again: MODELS: I encourage escorts at my shoots. I have no problem with this.




19 Mar 10 15:06
Thank you for the tag :]
16 Mar 10 20:11
Hey, when are you going to get an under water housing for that camera?
07 Feb 10 18:30
Hey, Chuck! Good to see you here. I am up to my b*ttin alligators, as they say, but it would be great to work with you again before I leave in May or June. Right now still working on thesis and personal stuff.
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