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I am renting this place in Carrabelle, FL for a month, from Sept 15-Oct 15 as that is the best time of year for light. Here is a link to it and generally I try to do multi day shoots. … 14680.html This is an hour away from Tallahassee.

And the location of the other place I work is just before you get to Greenville. I tend to like to shoot at daybreak and the late afternoons. The reason is light. I love the good light more than anything in the world. Here is a link to the Honeylake Plantation place. I know the owner very well and he supplies me a couple of rooms at his lodge. The lodge is fantastic. Here is a location link. I truly love landscapes.

I have other places in Florida but frankly I do not like the way south Florida looks and I am not a beach fanatic..I do not shoot maxim or anything vulgar.

Because so many models here take weeks between responses, it is best to directly email me so that if you are really interested that time for a project does not pass us by. I have had this happen more times than not. Be sure and provide your MM account number so I can know who you are. Thanks

Email me at

View my work at

Call me or text me if you want good contact. I am a phone man.

225 907-8122



21 Oct 10 00:19
Just stopping by your page to say hi and welcome! Please let me know if you are ever in need of retouching assistance
18 Oct 10 22:32
Welcome to iStudio Jon, Awesome Work!
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