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About Me

Hey everyone I'm an American-dutch girl blond hair blue eyes so
my mum once told me if people try to make fun of ya
like they always do with blond girls
ya know they say blonds can't have fun
& it's a blond zone ( they mean blonds ain't smart )
then just hold up your chin & say
" If being beautiful & smart is a crime then Sir where's the handcuffs?! " lol

Anyway I'm kinda new to this site
I'm not a professional photographer
I'm just a girl who admires & worship art with all it's kinds.
I sense it, feel it & touch it everywhere
that's why I try to reflect that into my paintings & my artistic work,
I also love to put a little magical touch on my work
sometimes by using Photoshop.

I'm here to get inspired take a look
at the awesome work that's made by creative people.
it's totally fun to browse all that kind of creative work & learn more.
I love modeling but I'm not pretty sure if I can get into that track,
besides being a painter I'm trying to learn photography
but not planning to get in this business it's just a hobby for fun.

I'm not a talkative girl so that's almost everything for now
& it's my pleasure to be part of this site.