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I am an Architect (Studying & Unlicensed). Currently Studying at SCI-Arc (Southern California Institute of Architecture) where I just completed my second year. Pervious to this I spent 3 years at Rio Hondo College Studying Architecture and Other Topics of Interest. I was originally accepted to UCSD as a Structural Engineering Major where I soon realized it was not for me. I Travel as much as I can and I photograph the World as much I can. Photography is very close to my Heart and Represents much in a way how I see the World and Architecture, including all the people who inhabit both (not excluding objects). I take great care in the things I do and I to design and think rationally and with reason; given my work purpose and direction taking care to make each detail not disjointed from the whole.

I am here then to bring a Fresh Perspective given my background and interest to further an Art I Adore while trying to collaborate with others and expand and grow as an Photographer and Architect. I have reasonable rates for any short of Photography work and I will do TFP given the right circumstances. I am also open to any related design work required or built structure or Product.