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About Me

David “Glamour Dave” Nienow's first experience into photography took place while in high school photographing BMX races that his cousins competed in. During that time photography was a serious interest, but by the time he entered college and began pursuing his studies and other interests the photography became a thing of the past. Nearly 20 years would go by before he would pick up another camera and begin the photography that he pursues today. That has been the direct result of his web design business that has centered on fitness models.
During the course of being hired by fitness supermodel Tara Caballero to design and webmaster her official site, Tara urged David to invest in some camera equipment so that he could photograph her for her official site. The results of the first shoot between Tara and David impressed Tara enough to make David her personal site photographer in addition to his duties of webmastering her official site. After that first collaboration with Tara, David continued to build his web design business and expand on his photography services.
David has provided photography services for fitness models Tara Caballero, Erin Ellington, Brenda Kelly, Carmen Garcia, Leigh Anna Ross, Sherry Gideons, Gabriella Hartman, Brandy Maddron, Deven Jones, Melissa Budreau, and fashion model Ebony Eve. In addition to producing custom photo club sets for official model sites, a principal focus of David's fashion & glamour photography has been the creation of unique fantasy glamour photo images that have a medieval / fantasy / sci-fi theme to them, with most of the models taking on some form of warrior role.
David Nienow has provided a complete range of services for models to assist them with creating a quality online presence for themselves. Those services have included photography services for custom photo club sets, web design, graphic design, webmastering & web promotion services, and career management services. In late 2006 he retired from offering web design & webmastering services in order to focus his energies into new avenues with his photography. At the beginning of 2008 David re-launched his professional photography portfolio site, The Fine Art of Glamour, at http://www.thefineartofglamour.com/ with a new design. He also launched The Fine Art of Graphic Design at http://www.thefineartofgraphicdesign.com/ in late 2007 to showcase his graphic design services.
Throughout 2007 David focused on 2 central photography projects. The 1st was a portfolio project highlighting the natural resources of Southern Oregon. The 2nd portfolio project focused on the developing role of women in auto racing in the Pacific Northwest. With the conclusion of the auto racing season in Southern Oregon, images resulting from the auto racing documentary were turned into a 2nd portfolio website at The Fine Art of Racing, http://www.thefineartofracing.com/. A 3rd portfolio site for his nature photography project is in development.
David’s next photography project is focused on exploring the role of character in pocket billiards. For the last 25 years David has seriously competed in hundreds of local & regional pool tournaments; played in numerous pool leagues, and is highly ranked among players in his area. He is going to combine his two loves of pool and photography to document the variety of pool playing characters that are to be found in the sport of pocket billiards. It is through his pool playing activities that David wound up earning his nickname of “Glamour Dave”. Although for his longest serving model clients he will most often be referred to on a model shoot by his other nickname of BB.
David’s fashion, glamour & fitness photography has been published in MuscleMag International magazine, American Curves for Men magazine, Planet Muscle magazine, the cover of BOSS retail catalog, BOSS Calendars, Teeze magazine, Body Talk magazine, Mister Magazine (Australia), eGirlsNews Magazine, and AskMen.com. His work has also been selected for use as a national promotional poster campaign for Colt 45 beer.
David has served as both official webmaster & official site photographer for fitness models Tara Caballero, Erin Ellington, Melissa Budreau, and Brandy Maddron. In 2008 David came out of his web design / webmastering retirement to help Iron Man magazine cover model and model client Brenda Kelly with a redesign of her official web site. Brenda Kelly’s official site (http://www.brendakelly.com/) was re-launched on her birthday in January 2008 with a new design to reflect Brenda Kelly’s asian heritage.


The Fine Art of Glamour
January 1997 – Present

Principal Web Designer / Webmaster / Site Photographer
Tara Caballero Official Site (Privately Held)
December 1999 – September 2006

Principal Web Designer / Webmaster / Site Photographer
Erin Ellington Official Site (Privately Held)
June 2003 – August 2005

Principal Web Designer / Webmaster / Site Photographer
Melissa Budreau Official Site (Privately Held)
August 2004 – August 2006

Principal Web Designer / Webmaster / Contributing Photographer
Brenda Kelly Official Site (Privately Held)
June 2007 – Present

Contributing Photographer
Carmen Garcia Official Site (Privately Held)

Contributing Photographer
Ebony Eve Official Site (Privately Held)

• Art gallery group exhibition at Flash Gallery, Lakewood, Colorado for The Pin-Up Show. Feb-Mach 2010.
• Interview – ArtHash.com – 2010
• Self-Publish – Medieval Fantasy Portfolio – Blurb.com. 2010
• Self-Publish – The Fine Art of Glamour Portfolio. Vol. 1 – Blurb.com. 2010.
• Self-Publish – The Fine Art of Glamour Magazine – Issue 01. Tara Caballero Portfolio. 2009.
• Self-Publish – The Fine Art of Glamour Magazine – Issue 02. Erin Ellington Portfolio. 2010.
• Self-Publish – The Fine Art of Glamour Magazine – Issue 03. Melissa Budreau Portfolio. 2010.
• Featured Pro Portfolio at ePhotozine.com
• Photo & Model Health Feature (Melissa Budreau) – Nutrition Express Catalog – Jan / Apr 2006
• Art gallery group exhibition of fashion & glamour photography at Echo Gallery in Chicago. July 2, 2005 –September 30, 2005.
• Full page ad design for fitness model Melissa Budreau – Planet Muscle Magazine.
• Photo credit for Ad Design for Travel Source – Teeze Magazine.
• Photo credit for Colt 45 Casino Cruise Promotional Poster.
• Photo feature – Tara Caballero – MISTER Magazine ( Australia )
• Photo feature – Carmen Garcia – American Curves for Men magazine.
• BOSS Catalog Cover – January 2002.
• BOSS Catalog Calendar Feature – 2002.
• BOSS Catalog Calendar Feature – 2003.
• Multiple tear sheets – Planet Muscle magazine.
• Production of over 200 custom photo club sets for multiple model clients & official sites.