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About Me

I am a freelance photographer and graphic designer
I love what I do and the people and projects I have
had the honor of being a part of.
I like to photograph what ever is needed
for a particular project but really enjoy
nature custom cars tattoos pets unique
people and MMJ. I have been known to donate a lil
project here and there, if its for a just cause.

Always available to trade and I am really easy to work with
on line or in person. I use photoshop and illustrator
well versed in photo shop so I can create custom actions
to really custom brand you folio no matter the image.

I have a lot more work But Its really hard for me to choose
what to post. I prefer to work in and around Los Angeles
I also do work in the high desert and San Diego areas.
I don't mind the drive as long as I am Re reimbursed
for travel.

I am very reasonable so we can do trade hourly or by the
project . last I would just like to add that I dont
Flake or let people down If I say it I mean it.
I can tell if somebody is just using me
and I will drop them like a bad habit
So if you are for real.
Lets get something started today.

Note to other photographers and designers
I support all forms of art so if you guys ever want to coll-ab
get in contact I use Canon/40D 4fun Canon/Rebel - Lense tamaron 200-400
canon 85-300 and a standard canon/55
tripod and some skills. I roll with the laptop with the goodies so
I can also work on the fly. Other equip is also available
but it takes me a day or two to get ok.


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