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About Me

Height: 5’7” Weight: 145 Hair: Brown Eyes: Brown Dress: 5 Shoe: 8 1/2 Measurements: 34, 28, 39

Fashion Model with experience in displaying and promoting clothes and other goods on television, in magazines and on a catwalk at fashion shows. Exceptional performance skills. Knowledge of body posture, movement and facial expressions. Remarkable knowledge of body and face care. Thorough knowledge of make-up, hairstyles and fashion. Exceptional ability to memorize routines. Uncommon confidence, patience and punctuality. Remarkable ability to adapt and be able to accept criticism. Possession of huge professionalism and concentration on duty. Exceptionally attractive personality. Great coordination, clear speech and tidy appearance.

Modeled garments, such as dresses, coats, underclothing, swimwear, and suits, for garment designers, buyers and sales personnel. Models make-up, jewelry or other products in fashion shows or for magazines or television. Stand, turn, and walk to demonstrate features, such as garment quality, style, and design, to observers at fashion shows, private showings, and retail establishments. Inform prospective purchasers price of garments and department where garment can be purchased.

Interested in a photo shoot? Send me the following:
* An example of your work if not posted
* Location of the shoot
* A description of the planned shoot
* A time line (general idea of time)
* Wardrobe, Hair, Makeup (anything I may need to supply)
* Compensation
* Most importantly the DATE and TIME of the shoot
**I am willing to travel, if compensated**

Thanks for checking out my portfolio. I look forward to working with some great photographers.


Fashion Shows
Shades in Motion Wall St Meets Couture August 2010
Lingerie Simply Devine
Casual Sweet Revenge
Swimwear Kolsie Custom Fashions
Evening wear Gito fashions

Shades in Motion Best of SIM July 2010
Lingerie Simply Devine
Casual Sweet Revenge
Swimwear Kolsie Custom Fashions
Lingerie Talecia Francis Designs
Couture Clothing Kozby Collection
Evening wear Gito fashions

Shades in Motion Afro Chic Extravaganza January 2010
Casual Kosby Collection
Casual Jamil Dixon Collection
Evening Gito Fashions
Lingerie Simply Devine

Annual CT Diabetes Benefit Fashion Show October 2009
Casual Monique Giovanni
Evening David’s Bridal
Evening Queens Inc.

Shades in Motion School of Fashion July 2009
Casual Gito Custom Fashions
Evening Gito Custom Fashions

Shades in Motion Cupids Edition February 2009
Casual Kolsie
Evening David’s Bridal
Lingerie Simply Devine

Carrie McCorey CT Diabetes Benefit Fashion Show October 2008
Casual Niro Couture
Casual K&G of Manchester

Shades in Motion April 2007
Casual Gito Custom Fashions
Casual Queens Inc
Evening Gito Custom Fashions

Promotional Events
Mac Cosmetics Jersey City Mall Hello Kitty Promo Model February 2009
Mac Cosmetics Jersey City Mall Style Black Promo Model September 2009

Commercial Photography
Revenge Fashion Magazine S.I.M Fashion Show Marvin Gray
Fashion First TV Eye Candy Shoot Rob Styles