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About Me

I've been a photographer for 35+ years. I am a guy. I was recently asked how I got the name Lynn. Well... that's what mom & dad decided to name me. You know how that works.LOL

I am very laid back, easy to work with. I try to work in a very relaxed mode. I have discovered models who later in their careers were in Playboy, Gallery & Glamour.

I live outside of Lebanon, KY. DUH!!!! Just where the heck is Lebanon??? Lebanon is the geographic center of Kentucky, about 65 miles west of Lexington & 65 miles SW of Louisville.

I usually shoot a lot of photos. I have a great place to work outdoors that includes 4 acres of property including a half acre lake & some woods surrounding the house.

I'm interested in working with new models as well as experienced models. I see models make comments they don't pay photographers here on MM. I DON'T charge.

Let me know if you'd like to work with me.

Best Regards,