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About Me

Born and raised in The Netherlands and of Dutch and German heritage. I bought my first camera at the age of 14 and my first bass at the same age. The bass kept me off the streets and safely tucked away in my room (until I could play some funky lines and joined my first band). The camera got me out on the streets shooting anything that caught my eyes and so I always had something creative to do and learn and keep myself busy with.

Being a doctor or lawyer didn’t appeal to me much so I entered the Academy of Arts in Utrecht studying Audio Visual Media (I was part of the 1st batch of ‘new media’ students learning skills such as; sound design, film making, photography and animation) which would give me the platform to further explore my creative direction as I would grow. I graduated in the early 90′s and decided on a move to London which in my view is the capital of creativity. I managed to sign up for a one year exchange with the London College of Printing where I got the opportunity to shoot many graduation short films, music videos as well as live animations. During this time I survived by making money working as a clapper/loader and focus puller in the film industry as well as playing bass in a popular underground London Hip Hop/Funk band. I worked alongside some top UK DP’s and learned many lighting skills by watching these masters at work. Later in my career I fine tuned my own photography style by using many old school cinema techniques. Being closely linked to the London music scene (DJ Martijn ten Velden, 7Hurtz, Blak Twang, Track Addicts, etc) I started getting assignments as a photographer shooting life gigs, celebrities and editorials and soon got so busy with that that I had to give up the camera assisting and continue by myself. It was only natural to move on from editorial into the world of advertising and design and have since been involved in many campaigns and creative projects across the spectrum of Sound and Vision.

For my work and of course pleasure I have traveled to many places around the world and in 2007 moved my base from London to Singapore where I enjoy working as a commercial photographer & film director shooting for many advertising and design clients. As a director I am more and more involved in the online viral market which is a fresh and dynamic way for businesses to promote themselves out there. I have since relocated to Malaysia to get fresh air.

Sash is represented in Singapore & Malaysia by UGLY DUCKLING PROJECTS and in Vietnam & Indonesia by THE SHOOTING GALLERY ASIA.


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