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About Me


ontoshiki a self-taught photographer, was born in Malaysia with a Chinese background, raised and educated in Australia. he is currently living in Tokyo. loves medium-format and film but occasionally uses digital.

fascinated by. the cinematic, nostalgic, poetic, enigmatic, unknown, unpredictable, dark and sinister. drawn to. dreams, symbolism, the cryptic nature of photography i.e. the way it conveys moods and feelings beyond the need for lexicon and how colors affect mood and feelings.

some of his influences and inspiration include Nobuyoshi Araki, Christopher Doyle, Wong Kar Wai, Akira Kurosawa,Kazuo Miyagawa, Daido Moriyama, Brassai, D.Arbus, H.Cartier Bresson, R.Doisneau,R.Cappa, Caspar D. Friedrich, E.Munch, Van Gogh, Davinci, Jeffrey Smart, J.Nachtwey, Kaoru Izima, Ridley Scott, Miike Takahashi.

I'll make you look beautiful,sexy,elegant,mysterious but not cheap.

I don't use this website so much but please go to the link to my website and get in touch with me through there. cheers.