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About Me

**dates already booked:

novemver 4 pre production meeting "AL"
november 6 webseries pilot (AM)
november 6 Oralie Randall/Erik Christensen (PM)
november 7 tua bella studios (AM)
november 7 Oralie Randal (PM)
november 8 Platform makeup artist for fashion show
november 13-15 (out of town)
november 16 Allklier
november 17-22 short film "This one is about love"
november 25 (modeling)
november 29 anphotography

december 1,2 (pending film)
december 3 SPA Studio Lady Photographer's United
december 5 Allklier
december 8,9 (pending film)

january 12 Aniela

**Is booking LIMITED TF* shoots at this time. Please contact me if you have an EPIC idea, if your a bad ass photographer, an amazing model , unique hair stylist, or awesome wardrobe (with a great attitude is mandatory, for EVERYONE involved). A small kit fee is always charged on TF*s, it goes toward replacing supplies, buying lashes,etc please contact me for kit fee or rates **

NOTE: TF's shoots will NOT be considered for updating portfolios where a collaboration is NOT taking place.

Hey there,

My name is Shyn and i'm a makeup artist in Everett WA. I'm a Blanche MacDonald graduate from 2005. I'm passionate about what i do and want to continue adding collaborative creations to my portfolio. I like to challenge myself and push my creative thinking to the limit, i love this medium of the industry i love to see my creation come alive through the lense of another fellow artists camera. I'm looking to continue to improve my craft and collaborate with other artists to create beauty and art.

Other ideas i would like to shoot:

-pin up
but of coarse i wouldn't limit myself to those options.

*I can do light hairstyling for an additional fee but if you are looking for extensive hair fashion, please hire a separate hairstylist or discuss with me prior.

Contact me for day rates...


Fall Flashback 2009 A Celebration of Art, Fashion, and Music!

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Brett Hunt
Chuck Williams
Neil Demonte
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Jason Adkins
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JP Giuliotti
D'Angelo Midili
Darlene Sellers
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I have had the privilege and the pleasure of working with Shyn on several occasions, both as a Makeup artist and as a model. Shyn’s skill, experience, and creativity as a makeup artist is obvious in the results of her work. As a model, her ease and comfort in front of the camera shows through.

Shyn is very serious and professional about her work, yet balanced with an easygoing style that makes working with her an enjoyable and rewarding collaborative experience. If you have the opportunity to work with her in either capacity, or both, I have absolutely no doubt you will be very pleased with the results.

- Owen C (JustOwen – MM #466033)

It has been my great pleasure to work with Shyn both as a MUA (freakishlybeautiful) and as her alter-ego the model. In addition to providing a strong skill-set, and a wonderfully creative imagination, she is able to propose ideas, ask the right questions and also accept suggestions with equal tact and talent. When working with Shyn the set is work-oriented, but also relaxed and enjoyable - her positive and enthusiastic attitude make a shoot as stress-free as possible - which in turn makes my job even more fun. From glamour makeup with alternative lighting to classic beauty shots, and creative / theatrical shots - Shyn continues to help make my visions a reality. I look forward to my next opportunity to challenge her! Plus - she makes GREAT blood drips!

Ric Colgan
ByteStudio Photography

I have worked with Shyn on numerous projects and I have always found her work to be of the highest quality. She is reliable, punctual and professional. I would have no problem referring her to anyone and I look forward to working with her again in the future.

Lucien Flynn


3rd Eye Films


Shyn’s dedication to the quality of her work is only rivaled by her high energy and fun personality. It has been and will continue to be a pleasure to work with her. Shyn is by far one of if not the most talented makeup artist today. Her passion and talent for her artistry comes through on every frame of film.

Rick L Winters

Annodam Productions


Fall Flashback 2009
Katwalk Fashion Show
Freakishly Beautiful Platform makeup artist

"listen... U blew me out of the water tonight... I cant not say how much you took my breath away on stage like that.... SHYNNNN So amazing omg i cant even tell u......"

Brier Shepard Mayhem #1263487