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About Me

hello there . i'm new in this site . i'm fully interesting with shape , color , curve ,etc .so i draw it with my way , and it called "Photography" . and i want to be a nice and famous photographer in the world , because this is my hobby and i want to deep it with myself . why i choose photography to be my world and hobbies? because photography is rare ,many people have their own camera ,with an expensive price and if you rich you can get a nice and perfect camera, but that's not the point of PHOTOGRAPHY , photography is how you make and corellation with your own build camera,and how you draw it with your heart and especially with your art .MAN/WOMEN BEHIND THE CAMERA . i thinks thats is the point of PHOTOGRAPHY . i know i'm not the best in this part , but i'll try to be the famous PHOTOGRAPHER in this world .Dreaming is what will you get in the future man .!