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About Me

Fellow MM’ers: I'm a photographer based in Boston, specializing in female portraits and nudes. I'll admit to being motivated by a desire to explore the almost limitless ways in which the female form can inspire wonder and awe: with a mysteriously seductive facial expression, for example, or the subtle curves of a gently reclining back, or the delicate lines of a poised hand at rest. I try to make this sense of wonder shine through in all my work.

I also shoot “real”: that is, minimal photoshop, no special effects, etc. Just good lighting, good exposures, and raw beauty.

I’m hoping to use MM as a resource for making contact with models both in and out of my immediate area in order to expand my portfolio. I'm quite laid-back generally, and always strive for a comfortable and relaxed environment during shoots. My studio is located in downtown Boston, with great views of the city for a backdrop.

I shoot mostly for my own portfolio but am happy to take shoot requests, depending on schedule. And for the right models and projects, I can provide exceptional compensation.



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