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I like to create fantasy inspired, erotic costumes, props and make-up for visually striking modeling shoots. While my main area of interest is the Gothic style, I also enjoy making cyber and fantasy armour. Also, what model wouldn't lok good being carried off by some hideous (non CGI) creature?! If you are a model or photographer interested in creating something of this nature, lets talk!



30 years of making monsters, the highlight is still creating the costume and playing Godzilla in PEE WEE'S BIG ADVENTURE. I was nominated for an Emmy for Costume Design for my workon Nickelodian's YO GABBA GABBA. More recently I have been fabricating suits and props for TENACEOUS D, ICP, DEVO, ALICE COOPER and Gene Simmons' new armor for the latest KISS tour.

If you would like to see more of my current work go to my Facebook site: Cleve A Hall (Don't know howta link, Sowwy!) Anyhoo, there's a buttload more pictures there.


03 Jun 12 01:54
Welcome to iStudio. Seen you on TV..
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