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Hector H.kron is the President of Seventh Art Entertainment, which was formed over 10 years ago. With over 15 years in the music and film industries has had the pleasure of producing and directing projects with Discovery Channel, HBO, Playboy, MTV, Showtime, Red Cross and many others. He was instrumental in the success of the New Line Cinema 2004 release The Butterfly Effect and Grammy winning Intocable in 2005 for Best Mexican American live performance. Currently is involved in producing and directing his own projects. Having had much success in his career, Hector is releasing two major full features in 2008. Hollywood Unscripted and Corazon Bandido.Now hes producing South of the Border and Parkside a film with a great cast including Luis Guzman, Michael Rivera, , and many others.
just finish a world tour Directing a music Documentary. looking forward to get back to photography.



22 Jan 11 19:52
Outstanding images, hope u have a great 2011!
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