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note: I've been feeling the Burlesque seen i've been in may not fit me well. That Theater was my most enjoyable time in photography and that i look for more that 70's girl,80's Glamour, old Hollywood Glamour, Renaissance fair and Fey, fay, fae(from faery, faerie, "realm of the fays,) love for photos. High stress and commercialism may not be my thing.

I'm not really experienced at finding locations sines most of my work is at live shows or home shoots. Also i can't take heat and sun for too long.

I am a humble shy but will stand up and say no if i don't feel good about things middle-class European-American who took up photography in middle school among other arts only to continue sometime later when I found myself working in the theater and then adult entertainment clubs and finally where I currently am

Most of my experience is in live performance photography at theaters and nightclubs working with plays variety shows burlesque shows in private non-for publication photo shoots for actors and dancers

I'm also someone experienced at the basic level I would say other use of photo editing and manipulation software lighting coloring blemish removal and the removal of objects in the background

my most recent work can be found on Facebook under Kevin's Bain Photography group at and

I am looking for models with some extra time on their hands who wish to expand their portfolios and have a good attitude and are energetic and imaginative. I'm also looking to expand my own portfolio and will take requests. private photo sessions not for shared portfolio work I do charge a small fee for those with the understanding that any location chosen expenses will be covered by the person hiring me. Also for private shoots do not approach me if you have a hard-core drug habit for I will not put up with tired or hyper rude behavior.


at the Miami Shores theater for a few seasons I took photos of


South Pacific

the Apple tree

Rohrer the greasepaint smell the crowd


and a few others Kevin Bain

I've done numerous private photo sessions not for publication for character actors and dancers

The last 3 years I've been the personal photographer of the Hellion Burlesque Troop

and worked with

The Reckless Dames/MORGAN LA RUE's SHIMMY SHAKE REVUE/Cupcake Burlesque

Kenny Millions Presents: Be Creative Or Die Concert Series Onyx Star


14 Aug 14 11:29
Nice work!
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