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About Me

I want create great images that everyone who is involved (model, MUA,…) love and see as valuable! I am not looking for a certain age or look in a model I want create and collaborate please do not think I am too….. The number one thing I am looking model to bring is emotion! Otherwise I could just use a mannequin. I want photos that convey a feeling or emotion. I do photography as an avocation not as a career. I am happily married and not looking to hook up or gather a bunch meaning less friend request. First I am looking to have fun and to make something new and artistic images. I respect models and there desire to create art and I expect the same in return as a photographer. If you have a particular look or shot that you want get let me know, I would be happy to work with you. If you not sure what you want to shoot but like my style tell me something about yourself and I will make a suggestion for a shot. I enjoy the creative process and doing TFP shoots.

I will not pay a model unless I am getting paid.

I am now shooting for Zivity

I switched to digital after 30 years experience in film photography. I have a back ground in landscape photography and I like to create images that rich in texture using directional light and shadow. This usually means outside shoots are done the hour of sunrise or hour before sunset (the Golden Hours). Please keep this in mind if you want to shoot with me.

Please do not friend request me unless you like to collaborate me with on a shoot. Please let me know what type of images you would like to create I am open to new ideas and I will propose some of my own. I welcome you to bring an escort but please ensure they there for your peace of mind not to interfere in the process.

Thank for taking the time to review my portfolio and read my profile. I look forward to creating with fellow artist.