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About Me

I have over 30 years of experience in traditional photography. I started with old rangefinder cameras in the late 1970's.
Next years brought new and better camera bodies and my first publication in a photographic magazine. In 1989 I photographed my first wedding assignment. Since then I photographed numerous events and offered on-location portrait sessions.
I have earned a Certificate in Professional Photography through the New York Institute of Photography. I continued my education through different courses and workshops at the School of Visual Arts in New York City.
In 2002 after many years of traditional photography I switched to digital imaging.
For a couple of years I was involved in digital photo restoration that required a profound knowledge of the current state of the art photo editing software. I use these skills to enhance and retouch the photographs I take on a daily basis.
Since 2003 I am involved almost entirely in stock photography.
I have licensed almost a hundred thousand images to designers all over the world. Those images were used in numerous publications, books, CD, brochures, etc, etc.
I am constantly in search of new and interesting faces, models that are able to express their emotions in front of the camera. Majority if not all assignments I offer to my models have monetary compensation.


Some of the MM models I've work with:
Michelle #1601720
Kat #2227967
Lisa #431744
Olesya #1530346
Lindsey #2699854
Estelle #1343130
Reif #3103312
Christa #2658618


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