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I've been shooting commercially for about 15 years. I shoot a lot of products for retail print, and a fair amount of glamour / lifestyle for print or web content.
I've been starting to use a lot of tilt-shift lenses and like long-horizontal shots with shallow depth of field. I've got a nice long studio with solid morning / noon sun along the entire east and south walls.
I've been traveling for commercial work lately and would like to start networking with other professionals around the country, especially in the areas I will be traveling to. If I have free time its nice to do some shooting in a new city and I might be willing to to some TFP trades if the schedules line up.
I'm also interested in meeting quality makeup and stylist professionals as they can make or break a shoot.
I haven't spent as much time as I like focussing on my work as art, and need to start expanding my portfolio and having more fun with my shoots.
I am busy with my corporate work and keep a firm schedule- I expect the same from those I work with.
You can contact me through this site, and I am able to check my emails often throughout the day.
Thanks for stopping by!


14 Jun 11 23:14
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