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**Sorry kids =( I'm currently declining any and all TF propositions. My rates are more than reasonable and I over-deliver - feel free to contact me with serious inquiries only =)

Looking to build a modeling portfolio, or expand on your existing one?

I can help you build an entire initial portfolio, or add images to your existing portfolio. When photographing people, my objective is to display the likeness, personality, and even the mood of the person. My portrait style is tasteful, creative and professional.

YOU MUST BE RELIABLE. I make this my priority and prefer to work with people who treat our shoots with the same level of consideration that I do. PLEASE do not approach me regarding a shoot if you're not reliable. I've had far far too many experiences with models or MUAs etc that just cancel or flake out at the last minute. I typically have a 'one strike' policy for the first shoot. I understand that things can come up in someone's schedule, but I respect the value of your time and I would appreciate the same in return. There is often confusion with "save the date" type confirmations that are weeks in advance and have no contact until the day of, or the day before, when we realize that one of us is not actually available.

- Thoroughly discussed and organized
- Phone numbers exchanged
- A confirmation phone call a day or two in advance

I AM NOT HERE TO PICKUP GIRLS. I take my photography seriously and, unlike some of guys on this website, I don't use the fact that I own a camera to gain contact with women that wouldn't otherwise speak to me. (Usually you can tell by the series of tasteless nudes, trashy models & overly sexed images) I like to think that my work speaks for itself and I'm always trying to improve on my images - that is the ONLY reason I'm here.



21 Aug 12 04:34
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08 Feb 12 12:33
hey there, really nice shots. If you ever need a model let me know. Ciao, Julia
14 Aug 11 12:43
Thank you for the App !! =) You Have A marvelous Port And Experiences. Really Great Shots Sir
17 May 11 14:15
Thank you for the FR :) Really nice port keep it up! Ashley xo
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