About Me

Hi everyone!!

I am looking at pictures of all these beautiful girls which are way professional in modeling. I have to say,but you can see,im not professional model and all my pics im taking by myself with just regular small camera :)))
I am interested in modeling since I was 10 years old but i have never have opportunity to be one but im trying to keep my passion alive by taking photos of myself.
In future i would like to work with some professional photographers.
If is there anything you would like to suggest to me please free to contact me ;)


06 Jan 12 16:06
Hey, how are you doing? If you need something done just let me know!
21 Mar 11 06:33
Thanks for the FR xxx
20 Mar 11 12:27
Hi Selma and welcome to iStudio. For a 'small' camera, you have some fine shots in your port. Look forward to seeing some professional shot of you. Best wishes. Jeff......
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