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About Me

I am a photographer, writer, and ceramic artist. I also paint, and include photos and paintings of human figures on my pottery.

My art is always inspired by the visual, and by the human form. Photography has always been the medium that I launch from, and my images tell stories that I write about. I began with an old Argus camera handed down from my grandfather, and graduated to a series of Canon SLRs, most of which are still in operation. While I love tools, including cameras, I am not a gadget head. I am into image making, and the collaborative process with the subject. The camera is merely a tool to help in that creative act.

I studied photography at both Clemson University (under Sam Wang), and Univ of Georgia. I have studied ceramics at both Clemson and Randolph Community College, and have apprenticed in the Seagrove Potters community.

While the MM port doesn't show it, I also photograph animals, especially wildlife. I love the outdoors, and prefer to shoot in outdoor settings.

I also use Polaroids in my work, usually altering the process. I recently bought up a clearance stock of Polaroid film and am eager to use it. I came late to digital photography, but I am coming to prefer its immediacy, even though I still love the warmth and richness of film.

I work in both B&W film and digital, and can provide TF prints and/or CD. I no longer process my own film, but still do my own printing. I am looking for both new and experienced models who wish to contribute to making art in new and interesting ways.

I do not charge for my services, as that would mean I was working for you. I am looking for models who will be collaborators in art. That said, as a teacher myself, I do wish to help models build their own portfolios, so I will shoot for them, even as they contribute to my projects. I will also sometimes pay for shoots, if the model has something unique to contribute to a special project of mine: experience, a certain look, or a flair or fit for the role. I also TF other art work, including paintings and ceramic art with the images of the model on them, as well as high quality prints. I will compensate for any travel expenses involved.

For the most part, I am not very interested in glamour or commercial, and prefer to work simply, low tech, and with natural light, telling stories. Grain, texture, and shadow are all a part of of my art and its expression.My taste is a bit alternative, and my creative impulse is always pushing to get outside the boxes....

Escorts? I fully understand your concern and want any model to be comfortable. That said, escorts must be either helpful, or stay out of the way. No significant others, please. Drama is a distraction.

My time is very important, and if I arrange a shoot I will be there and ready, and expect the same, or an advance notice as to why not.

Message me here if you are interested in working together or want to know more about my projects. You can also contact me via email at Kokopellipottery@earthlink.net

Currently looking for subjects for photo narratives, as well as a couple of series of paintings and illustrated ceramic vessels.