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Don’t limit yourself. Many people limit themselves to what they think they can do. You can go as far as your mind lets you. What you believe, remember, you can achieve

What you want to know....... Well let see......I would like to go by the name Roxy:-) thats the name i got in high school. my BestFriend jessi mrochko has been trying to get me to model forever...most of you may know her. i am the mother to 2 amazing little girls and i have a wonderful husband!... I am very serious about becoming a model!!! and im very professional!! i have a very strong personality and im very easy to get along with! i make friends every where i go:-) i workout just about every day. i just had my second baby..she 5months and ive never felt SEXIER!!!!!! I can be crazy wierd and a bit silly at times but what can i say Girls just want to have fun:-) lol........ i hope ive caught someones eye... i promise a good time in a NON-dirty way lol ...My fav style is a dark sexy rocker look! but i love trying new things...my goal is to try something diffenernt in every photo and appeal to everyone in one way or another...i believe i would make a great role model for girls and moms everywhere...just give me a chance and ill prove myself:-)

IM IN LOVE with angelina jolie and megan fox!! thats my idea of sexy. NO NUDES!!!!!

If you havent learned enough about me from this that hit me up in an email:-)

The Counrty Girl:-)

p.s i dont believe in laying a tanning bed lol so ill be tan when it gets hot out lol. i will spray tan but ive never done it before...

When inquiring about doing a shoot together....please let me know the following details..

What I will need to bring with me
Kind of shoot
Length of shoot
If the shoot is an hour or more away i will ask for atleast $25 for gas money

Thank You


03 Apr 11 20:25
Hello and welcome to istudio.
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