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I'm Brittany and my entire life i've been told I should model. I'm 18 years old and live in the Boston area. I am also in Lewiston/Portland, Maine and Salem, New Hampshire frequently.

I'd like to find modeling opportunities through this site and add more photos to my portfolio. My portfolio doesn't have much variety right now and i'm looking forward to expanding it. I think I can pull off just about any style and would be open to any look. Throw a bunch of make up on me, no make up, do what ever you want with my hair, doesn't matter to me. I also loveeeeeee wigs!!!

I've only done one professional shoot before (as of May 8th) and I won't lie I was really nervous at the beginning. As the shoot went on I became more comfortable in front of the camera and got really great shots. If you were to look at my whole album from that shoot you'd see I looked nervous and didn't have many poses in the beginning but as the shoot went on I losened up, became more comfortable with my body and the camera, and became more confident which allowed me to get better shots and greater poses and expressions. Practice makes perfect!

So far from being on this site i've been in a fashion show and I've gotten shoots out of that experience. I'd love to keep moving further in the modeling industry so if you come up with any ideas or have any opportunities for me please let me know!
You can reach me through e-mail or message me on here.
email - brittanypowers5@yahoo.com


** Will not shoot nude! - implied nude is a possibility if underwear is left on
** I have a microdermal next to my right eye and another on my cleavage
** I have my monroe and nose pierced.
- They can be removed for photos if needed.
** I have two tattoos, one on my left shoulder blade and one on my right arm.
- Both of which can be hidden if they are an issue.
- The tattoo on my arm is of tinkerbell and has microdermals around it. The
microdermals add a nice touch to it and could be great for certain shoots.
- The tattoo on my back is of a pitbull with wings.

Past Events -
March 24 - Rockin' Runway Fashion Show (anthem events)

model brigade - www.modelbrigade.com/bpow
OMP - http://member.onemodelplace.com/member.cfm?ID=457731


Raj - Light Filters
Anthem Entertainment
Chris Annibale
Dimonika Bray


15 May 11 03:09
Welcome to iStudio. Wish you lived locally so we could shoot.
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