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About Me

We all know "your work speaks for itself", but the site insisted at gunpoint so i hafta provide some info about myself:

I wanna be a doctor someday.
But i also want a hobby, and i like taking pictures.

Funshoots are fun. ive been shooting street and landscape for awhile but i also wanna try models and see what's all the fuzz about on facebook and why women have so many "pictorials" nd stuff.

Im not a credit hog or anything and ill never place my full name on a photo. -.-'
a photo is composed of alot of things and crediting the person that just flips the shutter is just plain unfair.

Since im just here to check out models nd stuff, I can only do that thing they call TFCD as i do not have funds to pay for a pretty lady to pose for me, let alone have dinner with me. Hey I can barely afford a cup of coffee, and in my chosen carreer path of which i am currrently enrolled in (its a secret, get to know me) I usually need two or three cups and a cigarette.


The Decisive Moment


18 Jan 14 17:04
Welcome to iStudio! Cool port so far. Best of luck to you :)
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