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About Me

Hi my name is Aidan Francis. I am a photographer & videographer. I have been shooting both photos and videos for years now. I mainly work with bands and art projects, sometimes minor documentaries and promos.
I did a photography course years ago, but have learned so much more about photography and film making being lucky enough to work with some very talented people over the years.
I love black & white, and shooting urban decay. I love to shoot bands, live action, dancing, sometimes sport even........any vibrant subjects really.
I've recently started to combine shooting photography with making music videos. I'm working on some music videos right now, and will be shooting video & photography over the next few months.
I usually work with a small dedicated production team, usally from 2 to 4 members for shoots.
I Would love to work with any talented people out there, other photographers, film makers, models, actors, make up artists, bands, dancers, you name it.......if its interesting, I will shoot it :)