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About Me

About me and how I shoot:
I specialize in recording and documenting the intrisic beauty of the female form.
I find that beauty lies in the imperfect details that make each of my subjects unique, and also contained in their individual persona.

I most enjoy creating images that evoke emotion, form a question and the abstract beauty.

I use various mediums to achieve the end result, but primarily start with a film or digital capture.

I am here to find other artistic souls to create with.

A bit about me...
* I am a professional photographer (PPA, WPPA, etc)
* I am very honest, and open when it comes to creating art.
* I do not sell or market myself as something I am not.
* I own and operate my own studio, and do not shoot in my garage, basement, bedroom, etc. (No offense to those that do).
* I am happily married, and do not wish to date you.
* I do shoot fine art primarily, however I do not shoot porn, pink shots, spreads etc.
* I will refer people I've worked with for paid jobs first, before sending out a casting call or making an agency call.

I am open to trade shoots. However, my trade shoots are limited to Fine Art Nude and only if I feel you will enhance my book or have an idea that I simply can not refuse.

If you contact me, I assume you are interested in a trade session.
If I contact you, you can assume the same.

I do not have any policy against escorts. In fact I recommend an escort (a supportive friend).
If you feel you need to bring someone, by all means do so.

Exhibited Art:
If any piece of work sells at gallery, I profit share with my collaborators. If I get paid, we all get paid.


05 Aug 11 20:28
Thanks! Lovely work.
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