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Have you ever been in the company of someone that just wants to "hang out"? Having nothing to say or contribute, they are content with status quo? In my mind, they are the equivalent of the color beige. In other words, they are very boring! When searching the soul about my future as a image-maker, a decision was made. That decision was a simple one in theory, but a challenging one in practice. I no longer wanted My images to just "Hang Around". I want My images to SPEAK!

One of the most important things when creating an image that speaks is to be armed with information about the people you are getting ready to photograph as well as their personality and their relationships. You must deliberately set the stage for this type of imagery. You must begin to think differently to create images that move those who see them. Develop a style that reflects these thoughts and ideas, put your skills to work creating from the heart. You will be amazed at the response! You may find you have just put your finger on what people wanted all along.

Hi. I am Images by Marion's, I’m near Imlay City Michigan.. I am very interested in working with you. We are centrally located to most of the larger metro areas on this side of the state. I know it’s a bit out of your way for many of you... But we are a very unique studio that offers a great variety of poses and backgrounds as well as many environmental locations. I know you will find it to be well worth the time it takes you to get here. Please let me know if your interested.
Thank you.

Also Check out our Studio webpage at:

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OneModelPlace and Model Mayhem Talent we have worked with

Shawna Starr MM# 745608
Sarah Cobean: #366491
Bianca OMP# 277662
Shayna: MM# 278238
Kylee: MM#17371, OMP#285318
Bebebree02: @ M.M. 274476
Louise: OMP# 281452
Jillian: OMP# 256109
Cherished: MM#226883
Ashley: OMP#216719
Chelsea: OMP# 228368
IVY: OMP# 180954
Heather: OMP# 246364
Katie: OMP# 202591
Kristen: OMP# 283615 and ModelMayhem #286450
Bethany: OMP# 286693
Reneealyse: OMP#261593
Anna: OMP#105265
Kylee: OMP#285318
Diana: OMP#269055
Heather Lindsey: Model mayhem #146834
JulieAnn: ModelMayhem #164101 OMP#252844
Kristy Lee: ModelMayhem #306383
Erika: ModelMayhem#231992
April Leak: ModelMayhem#300497
Endeah: Monet ModelMayhem#214352
M Ellison: Model Mayhem #313502
Marrika Wise: Model Mayhem #207275
Lauren HW: ModelMayhem #330399
RoseK: ModelMayhem #104061
AlleyRenee: ModelMayhem #348491
Tamara: OMP# 252852
Rachel Alexandrea: ModelMayhem# 341611
J Eah: ModelMayhem #367543
Kay Klo: ModelMayhem #250914
Mistress Of Metal: MM# 358714
Leslie Hall: ModelMayhem # 366345
Erin Rimer: ModelMayhem# 360576
Onikaa: ModelMayhem# 374425
Jenna Casabella: ModelMayhem# 327973
Erin Thayer: ModelMayhem #368397
PoisonIvy07: ModelMayhem #422239
Shannel Smith: ModelMayhem #417841
Bre Bre: ModelMayhem# 295785
BriaBria: ModelMayhem #422124
LaTrice Davis: ModelMayhem #410038
Will in East Lansing: MM# 425808
Annie M: ModelMayhem #417642
Alexia9132 ModelMayhem #524788
Mayhem Molly ModelMayhem# 370006
Dominique Kirk ModelMayhem# 343107
Rea Lynn ModleMayhem# 514305
Rhonda Brooks MM# 314352
Judy N Modelmayhem #622736
Alexandra Co. ModelMayhem #642996
Jessica Knapp ModelMayhem #543492
Mystical Melissa ModelMayhem #662120
Starr ModelMayhem #676121
Lynnette Rose ModelMayhem #671337
Missie Denise ModelMayhem #38697
Jessica LaRoque ModelMayhem #648146
Courtney Lee ModelMayhem #174230
Brandee T ModelMayhem #483783
Natasha M Modelmayhem #372855
Monique Gabrielle MM #626004
LannaLynnique MM # 373249
Asaundra Gentry MM #358469
Brittany Dyan ModelMayhem #500119
Sammy Jo 2011 ModelMayhem #683821
Melibea ModelMayhem #416588
Mylisha ModelMayhem #696322
Elia Andrea MM #700554
Ashley R Walsh Mayhem #642323
Jessica Moss Mayhem #533046
Piper D Mayhem #51157
Hera X Raquel Mayhem #647170
LindsayFay Mayhem #734372
Silent Awakening Mayhem#729783
Hanna Rose Mayhem#786086
Judy N Mayhem#622736
Courtney Lee Mayhem#174230
Miah Mason Mayhem#622095
Lexie Duda Mayhem# 816027
Miss Kelsey Mayhem#522392
Jena-Christine Swan Mayhem#833619
Heidi_Nicole Mayhem#808913
Shannon Ashley Mayhem#833173
Shana Ann Mayhem#586071
Valerie Aka, GothicBeauty Mayhem #495487
Shawna Starr Mayhem#745608

MUA Flesh2Fantasy ModelMayhem #283539

Please Contact any of these models and MUA's for references as to how we worked with them. It is very important to us that you feel comfortable and safe as you work to build your portfolio. Again thank you for checking us out as you move forward in your modeling career.


Thank you so much for all of your hard work and encouragement on my behalf. I thank God that I met such a brilliant man and photographer, and when I do become a seasoned model, I would like for you to become my personal photographer, and I mean that! You were sooo cool to work with, and you kept me comfortable at all times. that was the most fun I've ever had at a shoot, and I just want to thank you again from the bottom of my heart for being such a Godsend.I'll be keeping in touch, and I can't wait to work with you again real soon!

Shayna Hayes MM# 278238 & OMP#287660

Ron Marion is an extremely gifted photographer whose passion and creativity shines through in every picture. The combination of his professionalism, his ability to create a very comfortable working environment, and his talent creates not only amazing photographs to last a lifetime, but an experience that is a must have for all. I highly recommend Mr. Marion to anyone looking for premium pictures.

-Kristen Ayers

I never thought I could get such an amazingly diverse port from just one shoot. Your work is truly phenomenal. Your sharp eye and creative touch adds a unique flavor to each and every shot. Not only was working with you fun and truly an honor, but the dedication you put into every image was remarkable. I look forward to seeing your work in the future and, especially another shoot. Take care and best of luck in all of your endeavors. Sincerely,
Erika. MM#231992

Thank you so much Ron for taking the time to work with me. You not only got me sooo many amazing new shots for my portfolio but you also taught me a lot about modeling. You are an all around good person, I have never felt more comfortable at a shoot. You are extremely gifted and it was an honor to work with you. PS "The pizza was good too"

Thanks alot Ron,

Kylee OMP #285318

Working with Images by Marion was a great expierence for me. I have worked with a couple of photographers, and I can say by far that Marions is one of the best. I felt very relaxed and comfortable while shooting. Would love to shoot again ~

Sabrina Nicole~ Mayhem# 274476

I had so much fun shooting with Ron. The atmosphere was comfortable and his personality was totally cool. I felt right at home. And the photos turned out great! I would definitely shoot with him again. I had a blast....


Sarah ModelMayhem# 366491

In the time I have been in front of the camera, I have never been so excited as I have been to work with Ron. He is a perfection driven, creativity riddled, wonderful, wonderful man to work with. He put me and my manager at ease immediately, and had some of the best locations I have seen tucked in little corners of his humble village. He is always ready to go the extra mile for the perfect shot, and he has a talent for bringing out the beauty in any subject. His work is amazing, and I will gladly drive another ten hours for the honor of working with him again.

Very Sincerely,

Lila Sparrow



07 Jan 10 11:37
Great port, love your work!
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