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Since I'm relatively new to this, I'm very interested in collaborating with more experienced models; or at least more experienced than I am, which isn't hard. I'm interested in shooting "real regular girls", but I would love the chance to work with anyone. I am always looking for someone with a great look and adventurous spirit for a shoot. I'm an amateur photographer who primarily has experience in photographing at public events such as Fantasy Fest and Bikini Contests, but I have an interest in people. I find inspiration in everyday places and things and try to show them in new and interesting ways. One of my long term goals is not only to assist aspiring artists and models in meeting their goals, but also to increase my proficiency as I build a quality portfolio. Photographing people is what I love and bringing out the true beauty and raw emotion is what I strive for. I am willing to try anything that the model is comfortable with. As long as we have trust on both ends, sky is the limit. So, please don't be shy (I'm shy enough for both of us), and hit me up if you think I'd be right for something you have in mind! As an amateur, I am not interested in photography for a monetary gain at this point in time. So if you are looking for a photographer, send me a message and we can work something out.


22 Aug 11 00:28
Welcome to iStudio. Nice work.
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