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Ok, a bit about me. I'm a true professional Photographer. I live in Anaheim, CA . I've been taking pictures my whole life! (at least, it seems like it) I began as a radio/television personality with photography as a hobby. Since retiring from broadcasting in 2003, My hobby has become my career. I've been a professioal photographer for twenty five years, and a few of my pictures have indeed been published. I enjoy photographing just about anything, but as you'll see in my pictures, I love shooting models beautiful women in erotic poses. I don't mind collabin' with models on my shoots, creativity is always welcome at my photo shoots. And, one more thing! Models are welcome to" bring a escort to the shoots!"

LIKE ME on facebook fan page on www.facebook.com/Sonny Belvin's Photos. &, www.sonnybelvinfotos.com.- You'll also find me on OMP.com

I will photograph any model for TFP, if she's serious. Special discount for models on iStudio.com & Modelmahem.com. I take pride in my art and work with the latest and best digital cameras. My rates are reasonable. I'm a very good photographer, if I say so myself. And very attentive and easy to work with. I LOVE the art! If I ask to photograph you, I'll also pay you! If you seek me out, to photograph you, then I expect you to pay me!! And, as I said, I don't mind shooting TFP's. I want to help new models start to build their ports. "Like me" on www.facebook.com/SonnyLove65. And, here's a reminder. Please don't try and reach me by text messageing. I don't text and I can't recieved text messeges. I'd rather speak with my clients. One Love!



Sophia Jade, MM#1716572
Cori Collins, MM#574913
Elizabeth Jean, MM#2234028
Michelle, MM#2101782
Nikki Makara, MM#2600851
Danielle McCarthy, MM#1391160
Sabrina Jane, MM#134504
Brittany, MM#750892
Danielle Noelle, MM#1897401
Lyna Sparks, MM#
Diane Sparks MM
Valentina MM 2222572
Rachek Antershine
Narlia Nudes
Nikki Young


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