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Evans Photography to Offer $199.99 Headshot Photo Package

Your headshot is Your First Impression Maybe Your Only Impression

Inglewood, CA July - 2015 ) Mervin Evans, a local business author and management consultant has announced that he will be offering Fashion and Commercial photography services. Evans indicated that he is offering a Lifetime Use 100 Shot Color Photo Package for $199.99. Mervin Evans further indicated that he will also provide a set of 5 DVD Copies and 20 8x11 Reprints of the Best single picture . This economy package is offered to Parents and New Talent. Mervin Evans has successfully re-invented the headshot industry over the last 10 years. Mervin believes that the eyes are the window to the soul. Mervin's headshots capture a look, a glance, a nuance that brings a 2D image to life. A focus on the eyes tells your story to casting directors. Whatever you want to communicate, Mervin can capture it with authenticity, ensuring your professional success. Potential customers should contact Lynette Bigelow Associates to book a shooting date. 323-309-6485


What is a Good Headshot?

COMMERCIAL HEADSHOTS typically consist of a flattering image of the head or head & upper torso (called a 3/4 Shot) clearly displaying eyes, nose, mouth, ears and hair in simple, direct lighting. This is the image that shows what “you” look like and is often, but not always, the more casual appearing headshot of the three. A successful COMMERCIAL headshot will not only show you relaxed and at your best, but will more importantly capture and convey your energy, your personality. This headshot is the heart of your photo portfolio and is typically the type of photo that film and television casting directors, producers and agents want to see accompany your resume. Contact Lynette Bigelow Associates to book a shooting date.

Mervin Evans Photography

Mervin Evans = Action-Corporate-Headshot-Fashion-Fine Art-Landscape Photography

Mervin Evans is a past Employee of the State of California and a major Bar Association. Evans has consulted a number of Superior Court Judges. Evans is a veteran of the 1/10th Air Cav, US Army. Mr. Evans is engaged and maintain a home in the City of Los Angeles.

Mervin Evans is one of Southern California’s leading Urban Landscapes photographers and author of over 150 DVDs and books. Since 2011 he has been working as a full time professional landscape photographer, regularly supplying very dramatic imagery. Much of Merv’s work is available on Fine Art America.

Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, Santa Monica and Malibu are outstanding locations to shoot very exciting photos. Merv enjoys working with everyone from the newcomer to the established personality, and takes pride in helping people to get representation and opportunities to work.

Merv’s clients consistently comment on his on-location shooting style, friendly support staff, and what a good time they had during their Head Shoot session. That positive energy shows in your final images. Mervin take a lot of pictures, so he can catch you smiling, laughing, looking away, connecting with the camera. He gets to come in close, vary the compositions, change settings and backgrounds, shoot horizontals, pull back, shoot from above, put you off center. You can just hang out and relax, perform a monologue, or recite lines to be in character.