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My philosophy.......

Don't you love the internet? says pizzaz is

Dazzling style; flamboyance; flair.
Vigorous spirit; energy or excitement.

...and it's true, if you can learn to get in touch with those qualities in yourself, then you will make a great model. Developing those qualities is all about getting experience, the right kind of experience rather than those "bad experiences" you've heard about which actually turn people off the modeling industry. Lots of exploiters out there..
The philosophy at ModelsPizzaZ is to create the positive experiences which will lead to a gradual increase in confidence, poise and self-esteem. First hand accounts of personal experiences from other girls are your best source of learning. Talk to girls..learn the ropes, avoid the potholes, develop that attitude that makes your shots come alive and ensures that you don't get exploited.



05 Mar 13 21:27
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