About Me

I'm a keen amateur photographer and have been helping new and established models build portfolios. I am happy to work to all levels and hope you like my work! My job takes me all over the country so I can shoot pretty much anywhere.


I am new to iStudio but have worked numerous models from other sites, many of whom are probably also on this one!

I have worked with:

5765 - Chrissy (many years ago!)
451234 - Emma Louise
424889 - Raphaella (Harwood group shoot)
28048 - Tina (Harwood group shoot)
407275 - Lottie (many years ago!)
433231 - Angela
451771 - Ann-Marie Foote
250517 - Amy
331908 - Kirsty
355802 - Abigail
331378 - Emma
294884 - Erin
423404 - Steph
363791 - Stephie Jane
138778 - Kim

and I will add more as I see them on here!


01 Sep 11 04:33
Just stopping by your page to say hi! Please let me know if you're ever in need of any photo retouching assistance.
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