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About Me

I started taking “people photographs” about twenty one years ago (in 1988). I’ve always had an interest in photography. It’s a very personal art to me. All of the photos were taken for the sheer fun of satisfying my photographic obsessions. The aim of my photographs is not the representation of beauty or something like that, but a successful composition of light & shade, personality and the individual expression of the models.

1999 has been a turning point for me; I have decided that being a photographer full-time is not for me. I much prefer making my photographs on my own time the way I want them. I’ve found myself changing and compromising my work just so I could make some cash. This to me felt really untruthful. I am a hardcore Capricorn and find it hard to be dishonest to myself. My photography is way too personal to me. As a result, I have decided to reinstate my previous method for taking photos. I have taken on a non-photographic full-time job; it has always allowed me to be free and honest with my photography. I hope it translates into the future work. Enjoy!