About Me

26 yr old Curvy model from Boston whose been in the industry for six years. Currently updating my portfolio for the world to see my new work, as i haven't been on this site in years so im back to give it another try. I took some time off to find myself as a plus size model. Ive perfected my look and im ready to work work work. I've been ripping the runway and booking shoots with local photographers who appreciate a womans curves. Im looking to shoot with creative minds that can brung certain ideas i have in mind to life. Im also looking to work with some fabulous MUA's to paint this priceless face. As of now I'm not doing any TF shoots unless it benefits my portfolio, paid shoots preferred. Im not afraid of doing some riskay shots but they have to be tasteful. Fully nude is a definite NO...unless compensated. For serious projects book me at aquicks7@gmail.com


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