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About Me

First thing you should know about me is, I am a photgrapher not a digital artist. I do not use photoshop!! at most I will make minor tweeks to exposure but what you see is what I shot unless it was sent to a digital artist to be jacked with.
Secondly I am a Photographer not a pornographer. Dont get me wrong I do and will shoot nudes but they will be artistic and beautiful, I will not just take naked pics for shits and giggles. I am rather easy to get along with so I ussually have fun working and I do get all kinds of random gigs. I am repeadly in print and have done every thing from weddings to portfolios for suicide girls.

If working with me its fine if you feel the need for an escort or if you need driven to the shoot. It how ever is not ok for said escort to be walking around and into shots or other annoying things that waist every ones time. If there is nudity involved every one who is not in the shoot will wait in another room. I dont invite friends to watch you walk around naked and I am certain you can respect other models as you would like to be respected.

Well those are my pet pevs the only other thing I can say is PLEASE no flaking dont say you will when you wont lol .