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Group Show Magazine will be looking for artist who work with models and have modeled imagery in their creations! Our magazine was developed by a group of curators to highlight and draw attention to different artists and their creations. It is both a place for Artwork to be shown and shared, but also is presented to offer inspiration of varing design for artist to glean new ideas and thoughts from.

We are published thru and are proud to be able to offer our magazines in both, a traditional printed run, and in the new digital web-based/ online magazine style!

ImageSpaces also provides professional Artists with gallery and exhibition spaces in the LA/OC regions.

IMAGESPACES ™ ®© 2010/2011 All RIGHTS RESERVED. No portion in whole or in part, here/ herein of the images or text maybe be reproduced, copied, or used without the written consent of IMAGESPACES. ImageSpacesMagazine is owned and operated by IMAGESPACES.


To see credits you can email us or just flip thru our Preview pages on our website.


09 Jun 12 00:49
this does not seem legit.. your links and website dont even work
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