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TMBM Productions is a relatively new video/audio production and photography company, created in Toronto, in August 2011.
The emphasis is on video production at the moment.

Our crew, although still somewhat small, is certified, experienced and qualified to work in the television production industry. We are using top-quality equipment, and comfortable, secure facilities.
Videography accreditation: Ryerson University, Television program, industry standard
Current acting cast: skilled model
Make-Up artist: more than 10 years experience, school-accredited
Previous industry video work experience: very brief stint with Comedy Network show (Jon Dore), TVOntario, So You Think You Can Dance Canada, and cumulative experience working with industry-established professors at Ryerson on productions

Make-up assistant and/or model assistant is available and could be provided, upon request, to any participating actress, model, dancer or performer, regardless of whether said talent can / wants to do part of own make-up and hair, and regardless of whether she asked or not for help before the shoot.

We're currently working on a new television show, which will hopefully bring something new and exciting to the reality television production landscape in Canada.
Company is still in discussions with network executives about picking up the show.

We CAN start new productions, and we are interested in expanding whenever a good idea arises.
We are also open-minded and persevering.

Our current production has certain specific requirements, which oftentimes change, so I'd like to apologize beforehand if, for some banal reason, a collaboration or follow-up is not pursued.
But feel free to contact us if you believe this is clearly a mishap, and we will try to rectify the situation.

The show does pay very well, and hopefully will pay even more as time passes. Please send a message for further details.

Thanks for taking the time to read this, and don't forget to also check some credits below.


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