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UPDATE: Thanks to everyone who modeled for the Chair Project over the last two weeks. We got some really great images. I'll be processing and delivering images soon!

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I've been a full time professional photographer since college and have never really held a day job. Personally, I can't imaging doing anything else. Occasionally, I use MM to find models for commercial work but for the most part, I am mainly interested in collaborating with talented and passionate creatives. I work on personal projects from time to time and when I do, I will put up a casting call to see who is interested in working together. I have meet some wonderful talent through MM.

My Thoughts:

I just completed a shoot in the Chicago area where I was casting (and paying) 14 models of all ages and I can't tell you how difficult it was because so few models on MM actually have a decent headshot.

Models, if you want to be taken seriously and possibly booked for an assignment based upon the images in your portfolio, then you are going to need a decent headshot with minimal makeup on. If the person looking to hire you (casting director, photographer etc.) can't get an idea what you look like because all your images are with crazy hair and makeup or have a lot of dramatic lighting or poses, then we don't know what you really look like and you are not going to even get the chance. I am all for creative artistic photography, but you need at least one good "normal" headshot in your book/profile. A good example is Amy Dorris (MM#64631). She is highly bookable!

Also, if you are serious about modeling and making some money while doing what you enjoy, then for crying out loud, check and answer your emails in a timely manner, act like you want the shoot/job and if you do get the job, SHOW UP ON TIME!

NEWBIES: And if you are just starting out, please do your research and make sure that you are not putting yourself at risk by going alone to a shoot for the first time or not understanding what the photographer has in mind. Read through the forums, contact other models who have worked with the photographer before and know what you are getting yourself into. If you are just starting out, it is all right to work with a GWC because chances are, he/she needs the practice too, just take care of yourself.

PHOTOGRAPHERS, what gives with not giving your names on your profiles? If I were a model, I would give some serious thought to working with or contacting a photographer that was trying to hide behind a fictitious name. I'm just sayin'.

What you should know about me:
I'm happily married, a professional photographer and the work you see here is all personal work. I really enjoy working with models and being creative but can't stand drama. If you like my work and want to get together to shoot for fun, that's great but keep in mind this is what I do for a living. Oh yeah, and if I ever suggest having you stand on the train tracks and posing with the tracks vanishing in the background, just kick me in the balls and walk away!

Shooting TFP/CD:
There are many ways to trade my time for yours in order to collaborate. Here is how I do it. I do not give out a disk of every image we shoot directly after the shoot and here is why. If we shoot for an afternoon and end up with 4-6 "looks", chances are, we are both going to only use one or two of each look. There is no reason whatsoever to have 75 images of the same setup. Now, I do archive everything that is shot (except for the obviously bad ones which usually account for less than 5% of the image total) but I only use one from each look.

After our shoot, I will put up a web gallery within a day or so for you to look at. Show it to your friends, spouse, whatever and when you get back to me with your selections, I will do some retouching and file prep so that the images are ready to go.