About Me

I am very familiar with the CANON 7D , CANON 5D up to the RED CAM. But !!! For some odd reason im feeling so cocky that im going to rock the NEW CANON T3 & CANON T3i to every shoot ! With Various Lens. Why ? Because my teacher , and fellow mentors told me "Real On-Location/Action Still Photographer can manage getting a nice shot without reflectors or Light Meters" My Father which used to be an artist told me "Its not about how much you spend on equipment but on how a person uses it"...... This means im going Old School . And yet still pushing out Quality. . . High MP doesn't mean your picture will come out fresh. Nope ! It just means it will come out clear. In the end its about a Photographer flowing and matching the movement of a MODEL.

Street Shooter and On-Location Creed
I have a new car , but i refuse to drive it !!!! As a Street-photographer i rather take the BUS or TRAIN everywhere to open my eyes up to all possible locations. There's nothing better than walking down the street and capturing such a beautiful shot or making a mental note of where you might want to shoot for a future client.


Director , DP (Director Of Photography), Photographer , Video Editor , Special Fx , Programmer , Web/Graphic Designer , Marketing Consultant, Producer , Song Writer , Rapper.

Im a Shooter with AIM

Street Shooter And On-Location Attitude
"Give me a Canon, and a reflector and watch me come out with some fresh shots"

Let's just say i hate when Photographers really over due it with the PhotoShop. Nothing worse than looking at a shot that has been air brushed so bad that it loses its natural look. There's a difference between touch-ups and over doing it.

Now where shall i start from ? Oh ! Ok , Well my name is TheCanonSniper im a DP , Director , Video Editor, and Graphic Designer . Just merged over to Photography because i had so many clients ask if i could do a few sessions with them. I'm very laid back , and easy to work with. In shooting video i learned that patience is the key to everything , and getting the best out of all work. Im open for all types of assignments from Action Stills on set to Straight Fashion or lingerie. Implied Nude is something im currently in the process of working on and shooting very soon. My style is mostly Color. I love vivid and vibrant colors !!.. I also shoot video , and edit.

Logo's And name Stamp
It is very very rare that i stamp my name or logo on a shot. Why ? Because i feel like all that stuff ruins such a perfect picture. No disrespect to other photographers that do that. Im just in a different mind set. If your good at what you do or have a unique style there is no point in stamping a name or horrid logo on a shot. Your work should say your name on its own without text.
If you have any questions by all means contact me .

Commercials & Video
My production and Team has now started on shooting commercials , Music Videos , and Behind The Scenes Photoshoots.If you are interested in those services by all means drop me an email.

How i am as a Photographer And Person
Im very laid back, and easy to work with. One thing i believe in is comfort for both the photographer, and the Model. The more relaxed the subject is the better the image will be . Thus the reason why i crack jokes or play music while im shooting. Im myself, and people love it. The last thing you want is to be in a awkward state where everyone is really serious. Remember shooting and modeling is fun too ! ...

"Making a model smile naturally, and catching it on film is better than telling her to act out a smile" - TheCanonSniper

Contact And Links
Email - Tcs101Productions@gmail.com
Flickr - http://www.flickr.com/photos/thecanonsniper/
Facebook - http://www.facebook.com/thecanonsniper ADD ME !!



Equipment List - Canon 7D , Canon T3i , Canon T3 ... (Video) Chest rig , Shoulder mount , lighting ...